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Inflatable foam party Bubble Parks

Create one big party in no time with the Bubble Parks. The parks are available in a selection of themes and sizes, each park is equipped with its own JB Bubble machine system. Thanks to a smart development of JB Inflatables this offers the possibility to use a foam machine without dangerous and electrical parts. The system creates the bubbles by means of overpressure of the inflatable. You fill the supplied barrel with water, add the JB Bubble liquid, stir, connect with one simple click and play!

Bubble vloeibaar doos met zakjes kopen

JB Bubble Fluid

With our JB Bubble Fluid you can create the best foam bubbles for endless fun. The Bubble Fluid is available from stock and conveniently supplies in bags, with the amount of product measured for 70 liter Bubble Machine. So your customers can easily mix the right amount of water and Bubble Fluid for the perfect amount of foam.

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