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A Bubble Shooter is an inflatable foam cannon that lets you shoot foam and create a massive foam mountain in no time. You can hold and aim the inflatable foam party cannon to shoot the foam. It is easy to switch on and off, has a long supply hose and a lightweight. At JB Inflatables you can buy Bubble Shooters in different themes. How about an inflatable foam cannon in the shape of a champagne bottle? Or are you going for a dolphin? Or would you rather have a unicorn? Go for such a cool inflatable foam cannon and enjoy a foam party!

This is how a Bubble Shooter foam system works

An inflatable Bubble Shooter comes with a Bubble Machine that attaches to the foam cannon. The Bubble Machine is a barrel with a capacity of 70 liters. You simply fill this with water and 1 bag of JB Bubble liquid (10 bags are included as standard). Stir briefly, put the lid on the barrel and the foam party can begin. On average, you can enjoy the foam for 30 to 60 minutes with a full Bubble Machine. When the Bubble Machine is empty you can refill it and it's time to have fun again.

An inflatable foam party cannon is fun for young and old

An inflatable foam party cannon is fun for young and old. It is ideal for creating a foam party in a larger setting, like a lawn. What a party to go wild with the foam! Of course, you get a warranty on this inflatable foam cannon. If something is wrong, we are there for you. It comes with everything you need. All you need is a sense of partying!

JB Inflatables: customization possible

Do you want to give your foam cannon your design? Which can! Do you have a great idea for a Bubble Shooter: let us know your wishes, and the design team will make a fitting design for you. Of course, you get a warranty on your foam party cannon and it comes with all necessary accessories. That will be a blast!

Koop een opblaasbare bubble shooter!

Bubbles doos met flacons voor bubble inflatables

JB Bubble Fluid

With our JB Bubble Fluid you can create the best foam bubbles for endless fun. The Bubble Fluid is available from stock and conveniently supplies in bags, with the amount of product measured for 70 liter Bubble Machine. So your customers can easily mix the right amount of water and Bubble Fluid for the perfect amount of foam.

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