With JB Waterplay you create the ultimate water park. Our water play line consists of more than 40 modules that you can combine according to your own wishes. Your water park will therefore be as big or as small as you want. Create a mega water park from all modules or choose a number of favorites. The advantage is that you always can expand the park! Want to buy a custom-made water park in house style or a ready-to-use inflatable water park from stock? Whatever you choose, with a JB Waterplay you will surely offer your clients a fantastic experience.

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Opblaasbare Waterspelen kopen voor binnen en buiten water van JB Waterplay. Opblaasbare spellen voor zwembad en natuurwater van JB Inflatables

What are the advantages of JB Waterplay?

Buying a JB Waterplay is always a good idea. Just to mention a few advantages:

  1. Endless layout possibilities

    The combinable modules offer endless possibilities to create the layout that perfectly matches your wishes and possibilities.

  2. Easy to assemble

    Our waterplay parks can be assembled in 6 simple steps, so that the water park can be installed and used directly.

  3. Dimensions according to your own wishes

    With a custom made water park you can determine the dimensions yourself. This way you can be sure of the ideal water park for your setting.

Your waterplay in 6 steps

1. Roll out

2. Inflate

3. Secure the modules together with fastening band

4. Put the covers over and secure with velcro

5. Place on the water

6. Connect larger elements together in the same way.

Have fun!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our Waterplay products? About the purchase, the possibilities, our service or any other aspects? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. And of course we will be happy to give you a personal answer.

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How long doe it take to install your a water park?

The assembly time, of course, depends on the size and the quantities of the elements. On average it takes about 10 minutes to inflate one part and connect it to the other elements.

How are the elements connected to each other?

You can quickly and easily connect the modules together with the specially designed PVC strips and the supplied straps.

Is there a continuous blower needed to keep the modules inflated?

The elements are high-frequency sealed. As a result, they only need to be inflated once. When the elements are inflated, they offer days of fun without the need for a blower.

How do I know if an element has the right air pressure?

JB Inflatables supplies a pressure gauge as standard. This way you can easily measure the prescribed pressure.

How can I deflate the element after use?

JB Inflatables supplies a standard blower with which you can both inflate and deflate the element. By attaching the hose to the other end of the pump, you can quickly and easily take the air out of the element and roll it up to keep it compact for storage.

What is the warranty term?

We offer 1 year warranty and service maintenance on the elements. Should you unexpectedly have a problem, our in-house service department will of course help you solve it.

How can I calculate the minimum required water depth?


You can calculate the required water depth as follows: element height + average user length (1.80 m): 2 = ... So you can buy the water inflatable that is safe for use in your pool or pond.