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Whether you shoot with a bow and arrow, or with laser beams; an outdoor shooting game is always popular. At bachelor parties, family days, children's parties, and as an activity during a fun day out, archery is guaranteed to be a success! Of course, you need a suitable terrain with obstacles and nice attributes for such a game, but where can you find something like this?

Well, at JB Inflatables! Because here you see the Archery Boardings, specially designed as an arena for your outdoor action game. Sturdy and practical, because it is ready to use in 30 minutes. There are also various fun obstacles you can add. With this, you can make your Archery Boarding completely to your liking!

Looking for a fun outdoor activity? Buy an Archery Boarding!

The inflatable Archery Boarding from JB Inflatables is ideal for outdoor games. You put this inflatable frame ready n the place where you want your outdoor activity to take place, and you attach it to the blower. Twenty minutes later your inflatable arena is rock solid. You can now arrange the inflatable boarding by JB Inflatables to your liking. Do you give the participants of the outdoor shooting game the chance to take cover? Then you can, for example, place an inflatable wall in your Archery Boarding. Smaller obstacles bring action to the game. The players duck to hide, but of course, also want to hit their opponents, so they move from obstacle to obstacle to get closer. The professional Archery Boarding can also be arranged as parkour for the little ones.

An inflatable arena; the easiest space for an action game

A professional Archery Boarding from JB Inflatables is a better and cheaper alternative when it comes to outdoor games. You don't need to realize extra space for an archery arena, because this inflatable frame is easy to store when it isn't used. Do you want to organize an activity for the youth or adults? Then you bring out the inflatable arena again. The inflatable won't damage quickly, but should something happen the JB Inflatables will solve this for you. There are 2 years of warranty on the Archery Boardings. Will you be buying an inflatable action game at JB Inflatables? Because then you will for sure hit the target!

It is possible to request attractions and games with logos or completely own games

A unique custom inflatable game!

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