Year-round fun with the Doubleslide bounce houses!

Inflatables combined with water fun are the ultimate experience for children of all ages. And the demand for this sensational combination is steadily growing. Imagine: a Slide Combo and Multiplay with a detachable swimming pool - now that's a winning formula!

With this combination, you create an all-season favorite. Thanks to the fantastic play elements in the bounce house and the option to turn it into a water attraction, you're guaranteed success all year round. In the spring and fall, you can enjoy the Slide Combo or Multiplay bounce house. And when the warmer days arrive, you can transform the bounce house into a refreshing water attraction by adding a small swimming pool!


Discover more about the Slide Combo Doubleslide bounce house

The Slide Combo is already a well-known favorite, but we've given it a major upgrade. An extra slide has been added, and you can also attach a small pool to it. This allows you to effortlessly slide into the refreshing water during warmer days! This addition provides that extra touch to make it an all-season bounce house that you can enjoy all year round.

Available for immediate delivery from stock. Delivered to you within 7-10 working days.





Discover the Multiplay Doubleslide bounce house

With the Multiplay Doubleslide, you double the fun, because as the name suggests, this castle has two slides! Children can climb, scramble, jump, and slide - guaranteed entertainment. Just like with the standard Multiplay, there are various obstacles to overcome. But what makes this castle truly unique is the possibility to attach a pool to it. Fill it with water and voilà, you have your own swimming pool!

Available for immediate delivery from stock. Delivered to you within 7-10 working days.




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