Small bounce houses are getting extra popular

We have spotted a nice trend! More and more people buy a small bounce house from JB Inflatables. And that is undoubtedly a clever choice! Because no matter how modest your party is, a small bounce house for the youngest guests certainly enhances the party atmosphere. Whether you're having a birthday party, a garden party, a children's party, a theme party, a neighborhood party or just celebrating life, a small bounce house from JB Inflatables will fit anywhere and anytime!

Klein springkussens worden steeds populairder

Mini bounce house brings extra party fun

For children, two things are important at a party: 1) that they can go crazy and 2) that their parents interfere as little as possible. For parents too, two things are important at a party: 1) being able to party with the other adults and 2) having as little concern for their children as possible. A mini bouncy castle is ideal for this and brings a lot of party fun, for young and old.


Buy a small bounce house to use all year around

Looking for an ideal bounce house to use all year around ? Great idea, there is no doubt in that! You'll see how much fun you'll give your youngest guests. And no matter how small your garden is; a small bounce house will always fit. For inspiration we have some nice suggestions for you.

A mini bounce house to amuse your youngest guests

A small bounce house for great fun! These JB inflatables, bounce houses will surely be hit among younger kids. Our Mini Seaworld with slide guarantees hours of fun. The bounce house is the party it looks amazing, but thanks to slide, kids will love it even more. Is the theme of your party underwater or does your child love fishing? Then this mini bounce house is just what you need.

Buy a mini bounce house in an awesome theme

How cool is this mini bounce house?! Kids go crazy over our inflatable Mini Bounce Lion. They can not only jump on it, but also tackle the obstacles on the jumping surface and, of course, slide. This bounce house appeals to the imagination and is irresistible. Are you having a jungle party or maybe your kid just loves animals? Then this little bounce house is definitely a great choice.  

A small bounce house for the youngest guests certainly enhances the party atmosphere

A small bouncy cushion equals a great fun

Could it be even more festive? Yes, certainly: with our Jumpy Extra Fun Party! This cheerful bounce house will immediately put all guests, big and small, in a festive mood. You can jump on it and have fun sliding off the cool slide. With our Jumpy Extra Fun Party you don't need any other entertainment. And thanks to the party theme, this small inflatable is perfect for any birthday party or children's party.