Buying an air mountain? Great idea!

Considering getting an air mountain? Absolutely! An air mountain is a true crowd pleaser and is sure to bring back patrons to your playground, campground, or restaurant. And when the weather is great, having an air trampoline is just perfect!
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An air mountain is a true crowd attraction

An air mountain is an inflatable bounce house, kept in shape by a continuously running blower. Children can jump and play on it for hours on end. And it's not only fun for the kids, but also for the parents. With this bounce house nearby, they can enjoy a moment of relaxation. This way, you bring joy to everyone. Having an air mountain means you're getting a true crowd attraction.





Air mountains in a variety of colors and designs

At JB Inflatables, we sell air mountains in various colors and styles. Our blue ones, for example, are ideal for a location near water. And our green versions perform well in a wooded setting. However, you may have very specific desires and want to feature the logo of your campground, association, or club on your air trampoline. With a custom-made air trampoline, you're always ensured of success. It provides immense enjoyment to your visitors and serves as a true attention-grabber, setting you apart and helping you establish your identity. Interested in a custom air mountain as well? We're more than willing to create a design that perfectly suits your needs. Reach out to our sales team and discuss the possibilities with no obligation!  

Installing your air mountain

The air mountain is provided as a do-it-yourself kit. The package comes with a straightforward guide, so you can effortlessly set up your air mountain on your own. Want to know how it's done? See below!


We have plenty of air mountains in stock

What are you waiting for? Check out our collection online right away. We have a significant inventory of air mountains,so there's a good chance you'll have your favorite at home in no time!

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