Airland, BE: The largest inflatable outdoor play park

Jump, roll, slide, fall, get up, and keep going. Excited kids do that in the most prominent outdoor inflatable play park in the world: Airland!

Together with bouncy castle rental company Jumperke, JB Inflatables designed a giant inflatable island with no less than 1,800 m2 of play space divided over seven different themes. In short, a jumping paradise to dream of! And an ideal attraction for school trips and birthday parties.

Inflatable Parks; Kwaliteit Indoor Opblaasbare Parken voor Buiten en Binnen Speelparken Kopen van JB Inflatables

Assignment: the world's largest jumping paradise

Client Jumperke was ambitious: they wanted to develop a jumping paradise on an open field in the Flemish town of Wuustwezel, close to the Dutch border. And not just any! It had to become the giant inflatable playground in the world. Of course, this park had to meet all kinds of requirements. In addition to being large, it had to be creative, safe, and reliable. These qualities we put our hands in the fire for at JB.   

Approach: work thoroughly with solid materials

You can expect the highest quality from JB, always. So we also went to work thoroughly for Jumperke. For example, we only used solid materials and reinforced all compartments even more in places where much friction can occur. With this, we delivered a safe and sturdy jumping paradise with a long lifespan. Despite its size, we also ensured that the playground can be set up quickly and is easy to keep clean.


Result: unprecedented jumping pleasure

The result may be there! There is now a vast play island in Wuustwezel, with nine climbing towers, 15 unique slides, two base jumps, wipe-out balls, an interactive pillar arena, and a ball pit. And it can hold 700 jumpers at the same time. So come to Airland and jump, crawl, climb, slide, play and have fun!

Working with JB was great, and we delivered a great product!

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