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Have you bought a camper van recently, and can you just not find a place to store it safely? Or maybe you've got a lovely (old) car in a garage filled with a lot of other things. Have a look at the Outdoor CarCapsules of JB Inflatables, they could be exactly what you need.

Look at the handy Outdoor CarCapsules! If you buy one of these, you don't have to rent a garage or build a carport. An inflatable garage, you can set up anywhere you like to park your vehicle. JB's Outdoor CarCapsules are a (less costly) alternative for parking your car or camper van. Easily, you pull the inflatable protection over your car, and next time you'd like to use your car, it's just as beautiful as it has always been. This is how you care for your vehicle.

Order professional car protection at JB Inflatables

At JB Inflatables, ordering an inflatable- car garage or motorcycle garage is both easy and fast. The professional CarCapsules are an easier and cheaper alternative to the traditional garage or carport. How do you set up an inflatable car cover of JB Inflatables? It's very simple: you park your car in the inflatable garage and close the protective cover. If you get yourself a CarCapsule, you need to pull the protective see-through car cover over your vehicle. An inflatable garage of JB Inflatables is also very suitable for storing your camper van or motorcycle. This way your keep your vehicle safe and dry.

Purchase Car Capsules and Bike Capsules for safe vehicle storage

The inflatable car stations and bike stations are user friendly. Park your car in the CarCapsule, pull the protective see-through cover over your vehicle, plug in the blower, and then your done. Our robust design is dust- and waterproof. With JB Inflatables' CarCapsules you know that your vehicle stays beautiful!

Inflatable car capsule to store your vehicles

Keep your vehicles safe and dry

With the Car Capsules from JB Inflatables you can store your vehicles safely and dry. The inflatable capsules provide a dust-free environment where you can safely place your camper, car or motorcycle.

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