Custom made pillars and light pillars on request at JB Inflatables
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The ultimate inflatable advertising for your company or event: you will find it at JB Inflatables. For example, take a look at these pillars. Big pillars, small pillars, with light, without light, everything is possible. You choose the format, colors and theme. Do you want an inflatable light pillar in your house style? Let us know and the design team will get to work for you!

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Buy professional advertising columns for your company or event

Whether you are organizing an event or want to promote your own company: the inflatable advertising from JB Inflatables is certainly suitable for that. Wherever you place the inflatable promotional columns, they will certainly stand out. Connect the blower and 10 minutes later your inflatable eye-catcher is standing. Don't overlook it!

Order a custom inflatable light pillar

Do you want to buy inflatable promotional columns? That is possible at JB Inflatables. View the examples of inflatable light pillars and be inspired. These inflatable pillars are available in both small and large: At JB Inflatables professional light pillars are for sale from 2 to 8 meters.

Are you looking for inflatable advertising that can also attract attention in the dark? Then a light pillar is for you! A colorful promotional column without light that stands out during the day is of course also a good option. The designers of JB Inflatables have already designed many inflatable advertising columns for customers all over the world. Professional light pillars in bright colours, inflatable advertising columns in your house style or a cool theme; a lot is possible. A (light) pillar is on average low in cost and has a large reach. You are guaranteed to impress with such a unique inflatable eye-catcher!

You can buy inflatable attractions and professional advertising at JB Inflatables

JB Inflatables is the largest inflatable bouncer manufacturer in Europe, supplying inflatable bouncy castles, inflatable attractions and all other inflatable items to customers all over the world. More than 3000 inflatables are in stock and therefore immediately available. But you can also have a completely new inflatable bouncy castle designed, for example in a different theme or with a logo and your color palette. Nothing is too crazy!

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