Reach a larger audience

Do you mainly rent out bouncy castles or other inflatable playground equipment? Then it can be good to take a critical look at your assortment. There is a lot to be gained if you opt for more diversity. By broadening your range, you can reach a larger target group. Moreover, you can respond better to the diverse wishes of your existing customer base. So choose smartly and offer multiple forms of experience.

Bereik een grotere doelgroep

Extend your rental season and create certainty

With a wide range, you can extend your rental season. For example, a water multiplay is a hit in the summer, while in winter, you can score with an inflatable winter attraction. By including inflatable sumo suits in your range, you appeal to a different audience. And eye-catchers such as Sarah & Abraham dolls can be rented out all year round. This way, you create a continuous stream of income and more security.

Offer a total experience and rental with a higher return

Make sure you know what your customers want. That way, you can help them as best as possible. For example, offer a total experience. Rent inflatables with an IPS (Interactive Play System). Your customers want to be able to go to one party, and at the same time, you can rent out your products with a higher return.

Immediately deliver what the customer wants

There is nothing more annoying than having to say 'no,' both for your customer and your turnover. You can prevent this by offering your customers a wide choice and delivering from stock. An extensive range is, therefore, essential. Can you immediately deliver what your customer wants? Then you have a satisfied customer who will return to you next time and spread word of mouth for your rental company.

Investigate where your opportunities lie

As a rental company, you naturally want to be innovative and distinctive. Do you find that difficult? The JB Inflatables team is happy to help you. Where are your opportunities? Which inflatables are best for your company? What are the most popular themes? We can give you tips & tricks.

With a wide range, you can extend your rental season. This way, you create a continuous stream of income and more security.

Renew and improve your assortment

Are your inflatables in need of replacement? Grab this opportunity to renew and improve your range. The JB Inflatables sales team is, of course, happy to support you in this. We are aware of the latest trends and produce inflatables with an increasing experience and in the latest themes. We can deliver your inflatable quickly with more than 3,000 inflatables in stock.

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