JB Inflatables is ready for a new season! You too?!

The new season of 2022 has begun. And how, because after two years of coronavirus, we can finally go wild again! People are setting out. Whether it is a neighborhood party big festival, a fair or a village event: that freedom will be celebrated. Are you ready? We certainly are!

Of course, you want to pull out all the stops this year, but we can also imagine that you have doubts about purchasing a new product. Because what suits you? What are you choosing? JB Inflatables likes to think along with you.

For example, take a look at the 'Recommendations'. These are the most popular inflatables of JB Inflatables. Available in various themes, but one thing is for sure: with a recommendation, you will never go wrong. Are you looking for striking colors and exclusive themes? The newest inflatables from JB have that. From Multiplays to Slide Combos in themes such as Hippie (Joyful colors and lovely vibe, how nice is that at a festival or neighborhood drink?!) and Emoji (if there is something to attract the youth, it is with emoji!). Check them all out, there is always one for you!

In summer, Bubbles can't be missed!

It is also good to prepare for a hot summer. Because the temperature suddenly hits 30 degrees and then a little cooling is also nice. The Bubbles-products from JB Inflatables are definitely a help. Remember those foam parties from the past? Those parties can now be easily celebrated in your own neighborhood, town or city.

Setting up a Bubble Park is easy and fast. Fill the foam generator with JB Bubble Liquid and the party can begin! With a Bubble shooter or Bubble Cannon you make that party complete.

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An inflatable with a water bath is also a great summer attraction. Slide down the Waterslide with your feet in the water. Or jump in the Multi Splash Bounce Junglejump inside, chill out in the pool. That's how you get through the summer!

Something else than an inflatable?

We can't forget the summer evenings either. Imagine an icy-cold drink, the sunset, nice people around you and then watching a movie together. That can be done easily with a Video Screen from JB. No more hassle with sheets you have to attach to something without creases. Such Video Screen is easy to set up and is solid as a rock. Ideal. Fun for at home but also for events such as an outdoor movie theater or FIFA tournament. JB has video screens with a width of almost 13 meters. Then you don't have to worry about missing something from the movie!

Opblaasbare video screen die gebruikt kunnen worden voor bijvoorbeeld een FIFA toernooi
Opblaasbare video screen die gebruikt kunnen worden voor bijvoorbeeld een buiten bioscoop
Opblaasbare videoscreens in verschillende formaten

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