Park elements

Which elements and attractions can be placed in your park? Below you will find examples and information of the possibilities. Is your idea not listed? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Interactive Arena



The interactive arena is a perfect element to bring a new type of activity to your park! The IPS arena is a cool gaming arena where you compete against each other. The arena is decorated in different colors for 2 teams: green and red. The score is automatically tracked by the scoreboard that you can easily place in the IPS arena. An exciting game for fanatic players!


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Interactive arena
Indoorpark elementen - interactieve tafel

Interactive table



Don't have a lot of space at your disposal, but do you want to make your park interactive? Then the interactive table is the perfect solution! It's a reaction battle between two people, touch as many spots of your color in set time. The score is automatically tracked by the scoreboard. A super amusing game for young and old.


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Climbing tower



Climbing tower can become the real star of the park, like in the project mentioned below. This client had his park designed in the space theme, where the custom made climbing tower in the shape of a rocket completes the park. The children can climb and clamber on these fantastic climbing towers. All climbing towers can be custom made, in every possible design.


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Indoorpark elementen-klimtoren
Indoorpark elementen-sweeper




Ready to jump? Challenge your customers with this cool Mechanical Sweeper. The Sweeper is a challenging, active game in which you have to try to stay in place longer than your opponents while the pole rotates in the middle.


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Jumping balls



Jumping Balls are indispensable in an inflatable park! Who goes over the jumping balls fastest? The trick is not to hit the floor while storming over the balls. Who will be the fastest?


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Indoorpark elementen-jumping balls
Indoorpark elementen-glijbaan




Of course, a slide is not to be missed. This slide is completely space themed, but it can be customized to your wishes. We are looking forward to your ideas! The inflatable super slide is an ultimate fun element of any park. Climbing and sliding... over and over again.


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Jump for joy, literally! Trampolines are another great element for your park. The trampoline can be manufactured in any size, color or print.

Indoorpark elementen-trampoline