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Our ready-to-use stage carts and loose stage roofs are great for quickly creating a performance setting. Do you go for a standard stage or for a stage in house style? Make your choice and get your stage!

What are the advantages of JB stage?

A mobile stage from JB Inflatables is always a good idea. Here are a couple of advantages:

  1. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly

    In one click of button and 20 minutes the stage is completely ready to use, no lifting needed. For disassembling you need 30 minutes and you are ready to move.

  2. High profitability

    A mobile stage can be rented out on a regular basis and with a good margin. This way you are guaranteed a high return.

  3. Deliverable directly from stock

    We deliver our standard stage carts and stage covers directly from stock. So you can quickly get your stage up and running.

Visit our showroom for a demonstration

Would you like to see how the construction and dismantling of an inflatable stage works? We would be happy to see you in our showroom for a demonstration without any obligation. At the same time we can surely help you with all your questions.

Mobile stages

Lights out and let the show start! With an inflatable stage from JB Inflatables you will definitely steal the show. You can buy a stage cart or a stage cover in various sizes. So we offer a ready-to-use solution for any event. We find the customer's wishes to be central, so you are free to choose a podium either from our standard assortment or let our in-house design team create a custom made podium. Choose from our standard assortment or let our design team make a custom made stage for you. Any performance on JB stage will make a lasting impression.

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Opblaasbare Podia Kopen van JB Inflatables. Mobiele stages opblaasbaar voor evenementen en festivals kopen. Vraag naar maatwerk opblaasbare podia of standaard podium direct kopen

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our mobile stages? About the purchase, the possibilities, our service or any other aspects? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. And of course we'd be happy to give you a personal answer.

Can you hear the blowers of the stage during the event?

The stage cover is high-frequency sealed. This means that the stage cover only needs to be inflated once. During the event you will therefore not hear the blowers, unless there is a loss of pressure. The blowers check this themselves. Should the pressure drop, they will automatically switch on.

Is the cover waterproof?

Definitely! The stage cover is completely waterproof at the top and sides.

Can I buy an inflatable stage in my own colors?

That is certainly possible! You can buy an inflatable stage in any color. Our in-house design and production department can produce a very unique stage based on your wishes.

What happens if there happens to be a hole in the stage during the event?

The inflatable stages of JB Inflatables have 2 built-in blowers underneath the trailer. These will ensure that the stage cover, even with a hole, remains upright. So the event can continue unhindered.

How do the artists get on a mobile stage?

We deliver standard stairs with our mobile stages. They are fixed is under the trailer and you can slide in and out.

How can I transport my stage cart?

For this you need a vehicle that can pull 2,500 kg. Please make sure that you have the correct driver's license for transporting your stage vehicle.

Is the trailer covered during transport?

During transport a tarpaulin is stretched over the trailer. This is very easy to put over the cart and take off.

How much power is needed for the mobile stage?

To inflate the mobile stage you need 1 free power group (3600 watts).