Mentos - Skytube

Who says no to these happy Mentos Skytubes? These Skytubes are an exact replica of the little candy rolls and are therefore recognizable for everyone. Great for fairs and other events.

JB Skytube

JB manufactures Skytubes in all possible themes and a selection of sizes (4 to 10 meters). There are 4 options of skytubes: standard color, standard color with logo, full color print or totally customized design with 3D shapes. The average cost of the product is low and the range and the possibilities for customizations are wide.

Whatever you come up with, everything is possible with these cheerfully dancing, jumping and waving advertising skytube.

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Good to know

Practical information

Setup time approx. 10 minutes
Inflated product
Max. height player 6ft
Setting up / Break down
Setup/Dismantling duration approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle 1 person
Blowers Blower 950W x 1
Weight per blower Blower 950W = 33.07 lbs
Specifications packaged product
Amount of packages 1x
Warranty 1 year warranty
Service 1 year service
Including Blower (s)

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