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Mega Diapers

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More fun games with these Mega Diapers

Hosting a competition  for school parties, company outings and other festive events, make it even more fun by letting the participants wear these mega diapers.  Suddenly walking becomes more difficult and the appearance of competiors hilarious. Walking is made a bit more difficult and that gives a hilarious look. It is guaranteed to be a fun day when you let candidates compete against each other with these diapers on the obstacle course or a game of football.

Top quality from JB

All JB products are reinforced at several points and stitched multiple times. This also applies to these diapers! They are made of strong, high quality PVC: durable and easy to clean. 

JB: 15,000 enthusiastic customers in 15 years

In 15 years, JB has made more than 15,000 people around the world jump for joy. Often literally. Our team provides unique products for a variety of festive events. And with us, you are always assured of high level service and delivery. That's why they call us 'creators of greatness'!

Setting up / Break down
Setup/Dismantling duration
approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle
1 person
1 year warranty
1 year service
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