IPS Switch Monitor close up
IPS Switch Monitor
IPS Switch Monitor close up
IPS Switch Monitor

IPS Switch Box

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Make the IPS attractions even more fun with the IPS Switch Box. Connect the Switch Box with the IPS set to add more experience. The Switch Box provides extra fun effects when a winner and loser are determined.

You can combine the IPS Switch Box with the following games:
- IPS Ninja Battle Splash (the Box provides the water effect!)
- IPS Ninja Battle Party (the Box provides the party effect!)
- IPS Ninja Battle Snow (the Box provides the snow / foam effect!)
- IPS Ninja Battle The Bank (the Box ensures that you are locked up behind bars!)
- IPS Splash Wall (the Box provides the water effect!)
- IPS Tower of Power (the Box provides the fall effect!)
- IPS Water Wars (the Box ensures the water effect!)

Setting up / Break down
Setup/Dismantling duration
approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle
1 person
1 year warranty
1 year service
Logbook / manual

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