Everyone wins with an inflatable start-finish arch

What is the most important point of your running race or cycling course? Usually the start/finish line. This is where participants gather, the playing field takes shape, and the prizes are ultimately presented. No wonder many sport event organizers look for the perfect start-finish arch. An inflatable arch offers many advantages. It stands out, offers space for sponsors' advertisement, is easy to set up and lasts for years. As a result, the beautifully designed arches  have become a great advertisement tool at events different from sport.


start-finishboog scania

Ready for the start (arch)?

Highest concentration, racing adrenaline and enthusiastic crowds: the start of a sport event often provides a lot of positive energy. While runners stand around stamping their feet or cyclists click their helmets on, the photographers quickly take their pictures, in anticipation of the big moment. Organizations like to seize this opportunity to put sponsors in the spotlight. An eye-catching inflatable start arch can help bring publicity to sponsors and popularise the event itself.

start-finishboog roparun

Perfect finish line, perfect photo finish

Anyone who has ever taken part in a sports competition knows how nice it is when the finish line is in sight. Family, friends, press and sports fans line up side by side and shout at the top of their lungs. Will the favorite run away with the gold or will there be a surprise? And the athletes? They are focusing all their attention on the colorful finish arch in the distance, the end of their ordeal. Just a little more perseverance, one more all-out effort. You're almost there, you can do it!


Advertising Arch

An inflatable arch is simple yet so versatile, we take it a step further and offer you to design an outstanding arch with fun prints, logos and 3D objects on it. You don’t have to stick to standard size or shape, let your imagination go crazy and together we can turn a simple inflatable into a real spectacle of any event, and bring your brand in the spotlight.

start-finishboog regenboog
De gouden bogen van Mc Donalds

Designed for you

JB Promotions has already made hundreds of inflatable arches. In all kinds of shapes, and in all colors of the rainbow, and with various 3D objects. We are curious about your wishes and are happy to give you design advice.

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