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Bravo OV6 Air Pump

$95.00 (excl. VAT)

$95.00 (incl. VAT)

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  • 1 year warranty
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High-pressure blower for inflatables
Are you looking for a blower with extra capacity that is needed to inflate, for instance, bouncy castles or other inflatables? One that can handle any size whatsoever? This Bravo OV6 air pump is capable of blowing no less than 1600 liters of air per minute into an inflatable, which means it will be fully inflated in less than no time. And the beauty of this air pump is that it can also be used to ‘draw’ air from your inflatable item to empty it.
This blower has a power output of 600 Watts.
Decide for yourself which air pressure you need
This high-pressure blower makes it very easy to set the right pressure for the inflatable. Insert the blower hose into the valve of the bouncy castle or other inflatable and let in air until you have reached the desired pressure by using the air gauge.
This blower can achieve a maximum pressure level of 17 Mbar. The Bravo OV6 can be connected to the mains and the device weighs no more than 1.3 kilograms.
A 1-year warranty on a premium quality blower
All devices we can supply come with a 1-year warranty as standard, because we want you to be assured of purchasing a top product. It goes without saying that we also provide our standard JB warranty for devices for this high-pressure blower.
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Our company has been in business for 15 years now. During these years, we have delivered items to help 15,000 people around the world celebrate parties and events. Our team of designers, developers and logistics staff want to create unique experiences for everyone. With us, you are always assured of our service and high-quality delivery! That is exactly why they tend to call us ‘creators of greatness’!

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Specifications packaged product
Weight (kg) 1,3
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Warranty 1 year warranty
Service 1 year service
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